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Consumer Packaged Goods

The Consumer Products industry has undergone numerous changes in recent years.The unprecedented rise in fuel and commodity prices, along with the impact of the recent financial crisis created supply and demand issues for companies. The sector is therefore facing a host of urgent, complex questions and the decisions taken will shape the future of the industry value chain.

With our deep understanding of the issues and trends affecting Consumer Product companies, we offer a suite of IT solutions for this sector, focusing on improving performance and reducing costs across the entire supply chain. Our solutions comprise a powerful technology platform that transforms CPG companies into customer-centric organizations by streamlining marketing and sales, increasing workforce efficiency, ensuring product integrity and driving effective forecasting strategies.

Our CPG sector portfolio offerings include:

Field Management System (CPG FMS)

A mobile field management solution that provides sales representatives with real-time data and complete visibility into activities.

Seamlessly track key inventory, along with sale and liquidation data of a product in the distribution channel with mLiquidate’s 2D barcode technology.

A powerful GIS-based research and marketing intelligence tool for actionable insights.

A desktop-based analytical tool with inbuilt spatial capabilities to view customer data instantly and optimize sales.

RCMS (Retailer Contact Management System)

A unique contact management system offered as a service to CPG companies. It helps in connecting with retailers throughout the year through a targeted approach.