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Agriculture is the world’s largest industry, and it sustains the lives of seven billion plus and growing, human population. While industrialization and consequent urbanization did result in dwindling interest in pure farming, an agri-based industry focused on driving improvements in farming also took roots across the world.

Globally, agri-product companies have adopted an inter-disciplinary approach to their research and development initiatives. They have applied advancements in fields both inter-related and diverse such as genetics, tissue culture, hybridization and seed production, chemical technologies, meteorology and mechanical engineering to equip farmers  with farming tools and equipment, high quality disease resistant seeds  and fertilizers.

With significant R&D spends, these companies need to ensure that their products are having the desired impact on the field. This feedback is also a crucial input for setting the direction for future product development activities. The industry has however been hampered by lack of access to timely field information, owing largely to the highly distributed and fragmented nature of farming consumers and markets. So, how can companies stay in touch with the field and measure the receptivity towards and effectiveness of their products?

Today, technology can play a crucial role in bridging this gap. In fact, solutions that combine GIS, mobile and the cloud make real-time field insights for the management a reality.

iConcept, a company that has pioneered technology solutions for the agri-industry,  has a rich portfolio of products that help bolster both production and the sales and distribution. Our solutions help the industry at two levels:

  • iConcept’s B2B suite of products are tailor made for agri companies that seek better visibility into field activities, providing end to end solutions.
  • iConcept’s recently launched mobile apps for the agri sector cater to the sophisticated needs of agriculturists who wish to adopt modern farming methods and practices, making real time information gathering and sharing possible.



Our Agricultural sector portfolio offerings include:


A SaaS based solution that enables information capture related to seed production activities on the field in real time, along with specifics on geographical location.

Learn More

Agro FMS for Seeds

A GIS based comprehensive solution for Seed enterprises that can be applied to the Sales and Marketing business function.Learn More


A GIS based business solution that enables enterprises to capture information related to research trial activities on the field in real time along with geographical location data. Learn More


A GIS based comprehensive solution for chemical enterprises that helps in capturing sales and marketing related information on the field in real time, along with the exact geographical location of the event. Learn More


Seamlessly track key inventory, along with sale and liquidation data of a product in the distribution channel, with mLiquidate?s 2D barcode technology. Learn More

MapOut T&M

A powerful GIS based research and marketing intelligence tool for actionable insights. Learn More

MapOut BI

A desktop-based analytical tool with inbuilt spatial capabilities to view customer data instantly and optimize sales. Learn More


This service offering to Agri Enterprises helps build a farmer database, identifies targeted farmers based on geography, crops and seasons, and also enables voice call campaigns in local languages to reach out to farmers. Learn More

Retailer Contact Management System (RCMS)

A unique contact management system offered as a service to Agri Enterprises. Using a targeted approach, it helps in connecting with retailers throughout the year. Learn More

FICUS AppStore

First-of-its-kind, easy-to-use app store exclusively for farmers that provides guidance on farm management and tips on better production practices across the crop lifecycle. Learn More


A field enablement tool that helps farmers address crop issues in a cost-effective and timely fashion. The app also includes an online forum where enterprises, government agencies, educational institutions, students and farmers can post queries, seek clarifications and interact with peers and experts. Learn More