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iConcept’s innovative solutions bring unique business benefits to companies across industries and across the globe. To accelerate the growth of our business and extend our reach in the market, we are looking to expand our growing business partner network.

If you are interested in becoming an iConcept partner, and wish to be a part of our exciting journey, find out more, now.

Partnership FAQs

1. How does the iConcept Business Program (IBP) work?
iConcept Business Program offers three modes of Channel partnership Referrals, Teaming and Reselling. Any legal entity interested in IBP will have to enter into an agreement with iConcept.

2. How do I become a partner of iConcept?
iConcept Business Program offers three modes of Channel partnership Referrals, Teaming and Reselling. Currently iConcept is interested in entering into a referral agreement as part of IBP.

3. How are my referrals tracked?
Every vendor registered with IBP is allotted a Unique Vendor code. For every vendor referral a unique referral code is generated, which can be used to track the referrals.

4. Will I be able to leverage any tools to help me promote iConcept to my clients?
As part of IBP, iConcept will provide marketing collaterals that include product presentations, case studies and white papers and other marketing material such as brochures, banners, leaflets etc.

5. What are the terms of service?
Please refer to the referral agreement for the terms of service.

6. Who are good prospects to refer?
iConcept offers solutions to the following domains-Agriculture, Pharma, CPG, Retail, NGOs and NPO. Any organization in these domains would be a good prospect.

7. Who can sign up for the iConcept Business Partner Program?
Any legal entity, individual above 18 years of age or an organization incorporated with the Registrar of Companies (ROC) can sign up for IBP.

8. Can I modify the marketing materials you provide?
iConcept authorizes partners to include in its marketing or product distributions, marketing materials about iConcept’s products, which iConcept has prepared and provided to partners for this purpose. The partner shall not alter, modify or otherwise change any material provided to it by iConcept.

9. What happens if there is a change in the Business Program Agreement?
Referral commissions for customers who register prior to the modification will still follow the provisions of the agreement before the modification, while those customers who register after the modification will follow the new agreement.

10. How much can I earn from participating in your Business Program?
Please refer to the referral agreement for payment terms.

11. When and how will I receive my earned commissions?
Please refer to the referral agreement for payment terms.

12. Will I get paid for repeated purchases made by customers referred by me?
This is subjective and will be decided by both parties in consultation before entering in to the agreement

13. Do I still get paid if the iConcept Business Program Agreement is terminated?
Yes. If this agreement is terminated except under circumstances of breach of agreement, commissions for customers who register prior to the termination will still be calculated and paid after the termination.

14. Who should I contact if I have questions?
For any clarifications, please write to sales@conceptglobal.com and you can expect a response from us within two business days.

15. Is there any payment to be made to become a Referral Partner?
No, you can join IBP absolutely free of cost.

16. Is training available to help me understand the features and benefits of your products/services?
Yes. iConcept will provide complete support to the channel partners for product training.

17. Can I post content from your site onto my company site?