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Coromandel Agrico uses iConcept’s FaRMTalk to market products to farmers


Coromandel Agrico uses iConcept’s FaRMTalk to market products to farmers

The Client

Coromandel Agrico is a leader in agri inputs with quality, innovative plant and soil products. The company is a pioneer in the use of technology in the agri industry and is strongly committed to creating safe and eco-friendly products. Coromandel works closely with farmers to provide the right products which achieve high yields. The company prides itself on contributing to a greener and healthier world.



The Business Chalenge

The client was interested in reaching out to farmers across the country to share information on the latest product offerings and best choices available to them. This was not a simple and straightforward campaign in a country like India considering the geographical, cultural and linguistic diversities in different parts. Moreover, the campaign has to take care of a wide range of products that sells as per the local needs. Coromandel therefore required a stable solution that would support recording and broadcasting messages in the local language to different villages in India, taking care of the local agricultural practices.

FaRMTalk is a robust, easy to use solution and the perfect way to interact with farmers in rural India.


iConcept’s FaRMTalk, a Farmer Contact Management System, suited Coromandel’s purpose of reaching a dispersed target audience well. One of the solution’s key features is its ability to record messages and send SMS in multiple languages with ease. The contact management system facilitates targeted marketing campaigns by also identifying farmers by geographical location and crops grown.
Further, using recorded messages was the best option for Coromandel to share product offerings with farmers who were often illiterate and could not read text messages.

FaRMTalk’s reporting feature provides specific information on how many farmers actually listened to the message, which helped the company track the response to the broadcasted messages.


FaRMTalk is a robust, easy to use solution and the perfect way to interact with farmers in rural India. By making use of the system for their GrowMore marketing campaign, Coromandel could:

Reach out to a widespread group of farmers

  • Close to 7000 calls were made in a day, including over a 1000 each in strong farming belts like UP/Bihar, MP and Tamil Nadu
  • Messages were sent in different local languages like Hindi, Bengali, Tamil, Oriya, Kannada, Marathi etc.
  • Messages were broadcasted at a truly pan India level, irrespective of the remoteness. From Tamil Nadu to West Bengal to Rajasthan, farmers received messages.
  • A variety of products were advertised as per the local crop choices and productions.

Track penetration of the campaign

  • The daily reporting feature enabled Coromandel to exactly track how many farmers accessed the recorded messages, and for how long they listened to them (i.e. the duration of the call).
  • The client now had a database of the farmers it reached out to, and could plan future campaigns using that information.

Easily and quickly get the marketing campaign off the round

  • The system’s ease of use allowed deployment in a short period of time and without much of a learning curve for users