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iConcept’s Kg2Ton solution helps Pacific Seeds (Thai) Ltd. streamline farmer tracking & seed production


iConcept’s Kg2Ton solution helps Pacific Seeds (Thai) Ltd. streamline farmer tracking & seed production

The Client

Pacific Seeds (Thai) Ltd., a subsidiary of Advanta India Ltd., offers a wide array of hybrid seeds for both food consumption and as forage crop seeds for animal production. In the Thai market since 1979, the hybrid seeds line includes field and waxy corn, baby corn, sorghum and sunflower, amongst others. Pacific Seeds (Thai) and the parent company have a strong R&D component that allows them to create the highest quality proprietary, innovative and genetically advanced seeds. Thai farmers have been able to lift their productivity and achieve yields in excess of 10,000kg/ha, as a direct result of using Pacific Seeds’ hybrid seeds for their field crops. The company is committed to educating and helping farmers get the best out of their lands and scale up production.



The Business Chalenge

In an industry like agriculture, where the farmers and suppliers face a urban-rural divide spanning hundreds of miles, it was hard for the company to keep track of production activities that were taking place far away, and to be able to receive timely field reports or follow up with production staff. As a company that prided itself on providing the farming community with the best resources possible, it was imperative to understand and have contact with the farmers and the cultivation process, but there was no access to this information. Also delays and communication gaps between the field and corporate office needed to be minimized. Field production activities had to be tracked and completed on time, and accurate yield estimates were a necessity. Despite having numerous field staff and production staff, Pacific Seeds faced challenges tracking their on-field activities and receiving reports on time. As a result, the cost of production activities used to exceed the original estimation with delays in seed production. Pacific Seeds needed a way to optimize costs, regulate timelines for production and reporting activities. The company needed a real-time solution to improve transparency between field and corporate to alleviate these problems.


After analyzing the issues faced by Pacific Seeds, iConcept suggested Kg2Ton, the Seed Production Management System, a SaaS solution. Kg2Ton provides the tools to capture information on crop production stages in close to real time, while also making available geographical location, date and time details. Field users can now collect growers’ details via PDA. They can also assign unique identifying numbers to each grower field, for easy tracking. The corporate office can closely monitor seed production activities with live pictures of the field and crop placements. This aids in quicker decision making. With Kg2Ton’s instant SMS messaging feature, communication between the field staff and corporate staff is instantaneous.

The system provides sowing and harvesting details and tracks the yield management life cycle, from the lot to the production plant. As a result, staff can make accurate yield estimates, leading to a reduction in production costs. The Kg2Ton’s web application provides users immediate access to on-field data related to production issues and analytical reports.


Using iConcept’s Kg2Ton solution is reaping numerous benefits for Pacific Seed (Thai) Ltd.

Kg2Ton provides the tools to capture information on crop production stages in close to real time, while also making available geographical location, date and time details

Better results

  • Real time sowing and harvesting information and yield estimates resulting in reduced production costs
  • Increased productivity of the field force because of the immediate guidance and knowledge transfer
  • Minimal delay in seed production activities as a result of real time information sharing, monitoring, and quicker response on damage control

Improved decision making

  • Accurate and easy analysis as a result of in-depth map and graph views
  • Quicker and more informed decision making with the availability of real time data
  • Immediate communication and action with the SMS feature
Better data availability

  • Ability to track farmers and their fields
  • More reliable, high-quality data leading to better data consolidation
  • More accurate data and reporting from field to corporate