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iConcept’s AgroFMS enables manufacturing company achieve field monitoring and …


iConcept’s AgroFMS enables manufacturing company achieve field monitoring and live picture reporting goals


The Client

The client is an agricultural biotechnology and seed producing company based in Bangalore, India. The company is  involved in the development of hybrid seeds and traits for crop protection and yield enhancement. Using patented gene constructs and transformation protocols, the company is involved in the development of pest resistant transgenic rice and cotton, two of the vital crops in India. The client also engages in seed trials and related research and development activities.


The Business Chalenge

The client wanted to test seeds, conduct field studies, and monitor field activities in real time. In order to plan and  execute market campaigns, the client also needed to be able to collect farmer and seed demographics and geographical  field information. The ability to capture pictorial data of the field and crop was also on the must-have list.


Assessing the client’s requirements, iConcept recommended the GIS-based AgroFMS (Agro Field Management System). AgroFMS gives users the ability to execute and track field activity, providing details of field and harvest days, as well as demos conducted.

Users can create, plan and monitor field campaigns using AgroFMS. Using PDAs, field users can capture, store the details of farmers and crops, and share them with corporate. This provides the corporate office with a clear picture of the crop sample, the farmer, and progress of testing activity.

AgroFMS also allows users on the ground to take pictures of the crop and field activities, and transmit these images to the corporate office. In other words, AgroFMS creates a real time link between field and corporate.


AgroFMS solution answered the client’s pain points by providing a reliable method of tracking, storing, and sharing the data gathered in the field. As a result of using AgroFMS, the client achieved:

Real time field activity monitoring

  • With the use of PDAs the field staff was able to transmit real time details of field and harvest days and trial demonstration information to the corporate staff
  •  Field and crop action was photographed and shared between field and corporate
  • Seed trial details are available in real time with pictures

Farmer and Crop data capture

  • Information about the farmers like name and location are now available to the client in one place, and can be accessed anytime
  • Crop details including type of seed and spread of the crop are stored

Enhanced decision making

  • With the ready to use analytics available with AgroFMS, strategy makers have enough knowledge to improve decision making and plan for future campaigns