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A major Indian MNC uses iConcept’s Kg2Ton to bridge the gap between field force and corporate


A major Indian MNC uses iConcept’s Kg2Ton to bridge the gap between field force and corporate

The Client

The client is a leading Indian MNC involved in the export of agricultural and aqua products which has successfully positioned itself as the most preferred supply chain partner in the domestic and international markets. With a varied product line that includes feed ingredients (soymeal), food grains (Basmati rice), coffee and marine products, the company earns significant foreign exchange for the country. The MNC adds value, not only in terms of product quality, but also in terms of customer service, which is achieved using a sound knowledge base, specific people skills and by consistently meeting customer expectations.



iConcept evaluated the company’s pain points and recommended the implementation of Kg2Ton, a SaaS solution that enables enterprises to capture information related to seed production activities in the field on a close to real time basis, along with geographical location, date and time. The solution allows the field force to collect grower details, sowing details, inspect and gather data on agronomic practices and crop conditions. By providing harvesting data to the field officers in a timely manner, Kg2Ton empowers them to accurately estimate yields.

Kg2Ton provides near real time visibility to the corporate office and enables remote monitoring of on-field production activities

With the Kg2Ton application, the field force can upload data related to on-field activities on to a web portal affording near real-time visibility to the corporate office which helps improve the quality of decision making and enables remote monitoring of production activities. The module also provides the option of exporting data for further analysis.

Reports for better supply chain management
Sowing Summary
Field Production Report
Harvest Summary
Yield Estimation v/s Actual Harvest

The Business Challenge

The company has tied up with several farmers across the country to improve the supply chain. By connecting directly with farmers, the company has ensured continuous and reliable supply of key products for export. The client employs a large number of field officers to closely monitor the entire crop lifecycle as the final produce has to comply with stringent global standards. However, geographically dispersed farms with poor connectivity and a lack of communication infrastructure hampered the effective functioning of the field force. A lack of visibility of on-field activities, delays in sending/receiving field reports and the inability of the field force to provide accurate yield estimates played havoc with the production schedule and resulted in missed deadlines and increased costs. The contract farmers have to mandatorily use seeds supplied by the company on 50% of their land but are free to use seeds of their choice on the remaining land. However, the company lacked comparative analytical data related to the performance of its seeds vis-à-vis its competitors’. This data would go a long way in enhancing research besides bolstering their campaigning activities.
The company needed a solution to bridge the gap between the field force and the corporate office and provide real-time visibility of on-field activities.


The company realized multiple benefits from iConcept’s solution:
Better quality data

  • Improved data accuracy
  • Enabled reporting of near real-time data to corporate office by collecting data directly from farmers
  • Improved data consolidation

Better decision making

  • Enabled quick and informed decision making through real time data transfer; eliminated delays in sending/receiving reports
  • Provided easy to understand map and graph views for better analysis and enabled comparative analytics on performance data of competitors’ products and the company’s products
  • Improved crop management by providing comprehensive and accurate information about each field operation
  • Enabled corporate office to send instructions/alerts instantly to producers and the field staff through SMS

Better results

  • Provided real time estimates of yield
  • Helped optimize cost of production through timely sharing of information and eliminating documentation and paperwork
  • Enhanced the productivity of the field force