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iConcept’s Agro FMS automates and streamlines farming activities at DuPont Pioneer


iConcept’s Agro FMS automates and streamlines farming activities at DuPont Pioneer


The Business Chalenge

The nature of the agro industry is such that tracking and monitoring of field and farmer activities presents a challenge. The corporate and farmers are located in different geographies, often spread out over long distances. DuPont Pioneer was unable to track the distribution of hybrid samples to farmers, which meant that there was no uniformity to the way seeds were being allocated, and hence no way to ensure a good spread of samples. Furthermore, the company had difficulty in monitoring field campaign activities like harvest days and field visits. DuPont Pioneer also needed to be clued into farmers’ information and track their retention and addition. Apart from farmer related issues, another need was to know retailer details and reach: where they were located, what farms and villages they covered and how much product they had available. Thus, DuPont Pioneer was looking for a tool that would provide them a way to gather and synchronize farmer, retailer and sample distribution information.

The Client

DuPont Pioneer has been involved in research and seed operations in India since 1970, established as one of the country’s top suppliers of improved seed varieties. Dedicated to providing the best hybrid seeds for the local soil and weather conditions, DuPont undertakes stringent testing and sampling on the farms. The company works closely with the farmers, imparting knowledge on the scientific methods of cultivation, right agronomic practices and crop management techniques. DuPont believes such training is key to improving productivity and increasing profitability.



Given DuPont Pioneer’s needs, iConcept recommended implementing AgroFMS, a Field Management System offered to the agro industry. A GIS based solution, AgroFMS enables tracking of sample distribution based on crop, hybrid, sample numbers, end dates and geographical inputs. The Mobile application allows field users to capture sample distribution details and track where samples are distributed to avoid redundancy in the spread.

AgroFMS also offers field campaign (Harvest days, Field Visits, VLM) planning and monitoring facilities so that users can create and coordinate marketing campaigns. The application can be used to assign tasks to field officers and to monitor the status of the same. With the PDA feature, all this can happen online and in real time, with a geospatial (map) display.

AgroFMS’ new hybrid feature provides extensive farmer details, so farmer and crop statistics can be tracked by field staff and used by the corporate office. Similarly, retailer spread details are captured and monitored as well. Information gathered by field staff can be viewed instantly online and on a map, providing enhanced decision making and analysis.

AgroFMS provides additional transparency in field operations, tracking of farmer and retailer details and increased accuracy in data and reporting



AgroFMS implementation eased the various challenges that Dupont Pioneer was facing and helped the company achieve:

Additional transparency in field operations

  • Sample distribution and details of areas influenced, sampling density and sample distribution success rate information are now available
  • Campaign activity planning and details are clear and easy to compare.Number of villages covered, farmers accessed and own and competitor yield information are on hand

A centralized repository of farmer and retailer details

  • Farmer and farm details are captured and stored for easy access
  • Retailer location, spread, width and depth information can be seen
Increased accuracy in data and reporting

  • With the graphs and map features, geographically accurate,pinpoint reporting is possible