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iConcept offers a number of solutions across Agri, Pharma, Healthcare and CPG sectors. Our portfolio of solutions includes field solutions, analytics, business intelligence, market research, mobility, engineering and contact management solutions.

Our Product List

MapOut Trade and Market Analytics (T&M)

iConcept’s MapOut T&M is the world’s first GIS-based market research tool that makes data collection, analysis, decision making, implementation of action plans, and measurement of outcomes more efficient and accurate.

MapOut Business Intelligence (BI)

MapOut BI which is also called Sales analytics is a powerful, flexible and easy-to-use desktop-based analytical tool, built with spatial capabilities that help you to view customer data instantly and optimize sales. This solution enables enterprises to analyze sales performance, and sales trends that occur at multiple levels across the organization.

mLiquidate utilizes an advanced 2D barcode technology that help enterprises seamlessly track key inventory, sales and liquidation data of a product in the distribution channel. With this critical information at your fingertips, you can keep your sales representatives up-to-date and informed wherever they are.

Retailer Trade Machine (RTM)

Retailer Trade Machine (RTM) is a unique solution that automates order placement, reports liquidation and detects counterfeit products in real-time.

Field Management System for Pharma (FMS Pharma)

Field Management System for Pharma (FMS Pharma) is a GIS-based mobile device solution that manages the product sales and marketing business function more effectively by providing greater visibility into where the field activities are performed; and where trade points are present. It enhances planning and monitoring on a geographical map view. This in turn helps increase your sales force efficiency, improves productivity and generates higher revenue.

Agro Field Management System (Agro FMS)

Agro Field Management System is a GIS based solution for Seed Enterprises that helps in capturing sales, marketing and trade related information on the field in real time, along with the exact geographical location of the event.

Kg2Ton- Seed Production Management System

Kg2Ton is Software as a Service (SaaS) based solution that enables the capturing of information related to seed production activities on the field in real time, along with geographical location.

ProChem-Field Management System for Agrochemical Companies

ProChem is a GIS based comprehensive solution for chemical enterprises that helps in capturing sales and marketing related information on the field in real time, along with the exact geographical location of the event. It helps in the planning, delegation, execution and tracking of market development activities; field force visits to retailers and farmers, and tracks pest and disease incidence for pre product placement.

MapEx - Research Trial Management System

MapEx is a GIS based business solution that enables enterprises to capture information related to research trial activities on the field in real time, along with geographical location. MapEx is a first of a kind innovation in the field of experimental techniques in agricultural research. The focus of this product is on reducing the time gap between observation, reporting, compilation, analysis and decision making.

FaRMTalk - Farmer Contact Management System

FaRMTalk is a contact management solution designed for farmers. It helps in connecting with the farmers throughout the year with a targeted approach. The solution provides the users with a robust technology platform to record and broadcast voice calls quickly, and sends SMSes to customers. It enables communication in local and regional languages with farmers or rural people.

Retailer Contact Management System (RCMS)

Retailer Contact Management System (RCMS) is a contact management solution offered as a service to Agri Enterprises. The solution helps in connecting with retailers throughout the year with a targeted approach.

A field enablement tool that helps farmers address crop issues in a cost-effective and timely fashion. The app also includes an online forum where enterprises, government agencies, educational institutions, students and farmers can post queries, seek clarifications and interact with peers and experts.

FICUS AppStore

First-of-its-kind, easy-to-use app store exclusively for farmers that provides guidance on farm management and tips on better production practices across the crop lifecycle.