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MapOut Business Intelligence (BI)

MapOut Business Intelligence (BI), also called Sales analytics is a powerful, flexible and easy-to-use desktop-based sales analytical tool, built with spatial capabilities that help you instantly view customer data and optimize sales. This solution helps analyze sales performance, and sales trends that occur at multiple levels across the organization.

Key Features

Multiple Sales Map Views
The MapOut business intelligence tool allows you to view sales by zone, territory or distributor

High Level View of Sales Performance
The tool provides you with a high level view of sales performance by region

View and Compare Sales Performance
The MapOut business intelligence tool allows you to view sales performance and compare trends year on year, month on month, year-to-date and month-to-date

Deep Insights
The tool provides you with deep insights on the total sales achieved product wise, or segment wise. It also allows you to compare sales and gives you greater details on collection trends.


Transform complex transactional data into meaningful metrics

Derive actionable insights with powerful drill down analysis of information

View sales performance across multiple parameters spatially, with color coded visual segmentation on maps

Access data anytime, anywhere, without internet connection as the data is synchronized with the server