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Retailer Trade Machine (RTM)

The Retailer Trade Machine (RTM) product lifecycle management system is a unique solution that automates order placement, reports liquidation and detects counterfeit products in real-time.

Key Features

Place Orders
Retailers can place orders online through a user-friendly intereface. The device is GPRS enabled, allowing retailers to place orders easily.

Report Liquidation
By scanning the mPin and entering the Unique Retailer Identification (URID) details, retailers can report liquidation.

Identify Counterfeit Products
RTM decodes the data matrix on products to determine authenticity, helping retailers identify counterfeit products.

Select and play any advertisement of your choice with RTM.

User friendly features
RTM has many features that make is user friendly and simple to use, such as multi lingual options to provide local language support, along with touch screen, camera, local memory and battery backup.


The end user can verify the authenticity of the purchased product, resulting in enhanced customer confidence

Retailers can place orders instantly and reduce lead time and the likelihood of errors while placing orders

Easy access to all the information you need to control and manage inventory

Deliver advertisements through RTM, keeping your customers updated on the latest products and offers

Plan and optimize retailer visits