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MapEx - Research Trial Management System

A GIS based business solution that captures information related to research trial activities on the field in real time, along with geographical location. This field research management system is a first-of-its-kind innovation in the field of experimental techniques in agricultural research. The focus of this product is on reducing the time gap between observation, reporting, compilation, analysis and decision making.

Key Features

Data capture
With the help of a PDA, the solution captures data, such as the latitude/longitude, date and time. The data is digitized and hence can be easily complied and stored in the central data repository.

Web based application
The web based application helps researchers, scientists and managers make informed decisions by analyzing and interpreting data from spatial maps and graphs.

Live Picture Reporting
This field research management system sends live pictures of on-field activities to the main research center.

SMS alerts
With this field research management system, you can receive instant SMS alerts about critical operations.

Accurate Information
It helps you get timely and reliable information (lat/long feature, picture transfer) of all stages of the research trial process.


Reduce time for data capture and avoid data entry hassles

Improve work efficiency and effectiveness

Improve efficiency of communication between field and corporate office

Save documentation costs

Monitor the entire trial life cycle management starting from planning the multi location research trials, execution of research trials and monitoring trials at different stages in the life cycle of a crop