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Field Management System for Pharma (FMS Pharma)

Field Management System for Pharma (FMS Pharma) is a GIS based mobile device solution that effectively manages the product sales and marketing business function by providing greater visibility into where field activities are performed, and where trade points are present. This Pharma sales management system enhances planning and monitoring on a geographical map view. It increases sales force efficiency, improves productivity and generates higher revenues.

Key Features

Product List
With the Pharma sales management system, you can get the product literature with the latest prices.

To-do list
The Pharma sales management system helps you create a to-do list to track, evaluate and manage tasks.

Daily Call Report
The solution helps you add details of doctors, and manage daily call reports across touch points, thereby refining customer experiences.

Sample Management
The solution helps manage sample requests, track couriers and distribution.

Campaign Management
This system manages campaign and relationship programs to build a loyal user base.

Order Management
The solution helps you to book, cancel and manage orders within seconds.

Web Portal Report
The solution allows access to the online portal for information on sales and marketing activities.


Profile customers and study customer behaviour carefully, thereby targeting the right customers

Create homogenous customer groups for segmentation, and identify key customers

Identify the optimal sales team size and measure the return on investment (ROI) of the current sales team

Optimize workloads, analyze vacant territories and productive markets, thereby aligning sales with territories

Conduct timely survey analysis, and measure organizational efficiency to identify best-in-class performers