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FICUS AppStore

This first-of-its-kind, easy-to-use app store exclusively for farmers provides guidance on farm management and tips on better production practices across the crop lifecycle. Download agri apps for all your farming needs.

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Key Features

Identify key factors for crop growth
The app store has a number of apps that help at various stages of the crop lifecycle, right from identifying the right weather conditions to the pesticides required for your crops.

Knowledge gathering and improvement
This is one platform where farmers can improve their knowledge on hybrid seeds, essential nutrients needed for crops, and gain accurate information on processes such as detasseling.

Improved revenue returns and access to markets
The app store improves revenue returns from crops, provides access to various agro forums to enhance produce, and improves access to markets.

Knowledge center exclusively for farmers
The app store hosts apps that makes it a knowledge center for the farmer fraternity.

Updated information on practice packages
The store provides updated information to farmers on the current practice packages for different crops.


Find all agri apps for your smartphone in one place, on one platform

Gain expert advice from agricultural advisers across the world on better harvest options, and accurate estimation of cultivation costs

Instant access to agricultural focused apps for better farm management