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CropLense is a field enablement tool that helps farmers address crop issues in a cost-effective and timely fashion. The app helps the person on the field (farmer or field officer) capture high-resolution images of the crops that need protection, annotate the images with voice messages, and then avail expert advice from farm consultants, entomologists or soil experts.

CropLense includes an online forum where enterprises, government agencies, educational institutions, students and farmers can post queries, seek clarifications and interact with peers and experts.

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Key Features

Gain information with any handheld device
Farmers and field officers can gain information on crop-based issues and on-field problems on any handheld device with just an internet connection.

High resolution pictures and voice annotations
Farmers can attach high-resolution pictures (taken with a 3MP or higher camera), and add voice annotations to avoid misinterpretation of data, thereby getting accurate timely advice from experts.

Access to multiple responses
The app allows farmers to gain access to multiple responses or points of view in real time, from experts around the world.

Expert agricultural advice worldwide
Farmers can gain access to agricultural experts and advisors worldwide.

Voice messages in local languages
The app can record voice messages in the preferred local language.

Instant alerts
After a query has been raised on any crop-related issue, the tool provides instant notification via SMS alerts when the issue is resolved.

Multiple image upload
The app can upload multiple images at the same time for a single query.

Platform-agnostic tool
Farmers can now easily report and view expert advice on mobiles, computers, tablets, or any handheld device.


Get accurate and cost-effective advice on resolution of crop related issues

Gain access to multiple experts and advisors, thereby resolving crop issues on time

Save costs and travel time for the farmer or field officer